Maker’s 46

it’s made only in winter. maybe that’s why it’s perfect over ice.

As bourbon matures, it absorbs its distinctive flavors by moving in and out of the wood inside charred oak barrels. The heat of the summer leads to more interaction with the barrel, while winter creates less interaction.

Just like Maker’s Mark®, Maker’s 46® is aged to taste. But unlike Maker’s Mark®, which ages between five and six years before it’s ready, there is a much smaller window for perfection for Maker’s 46®.

Maker’s 46 begins as fully matured Maker’s Mark, but we finish Maker’s 46 only during winter when bourbon matures more slowly. We watch it and taste it almost every day. Then, after just a few months when the flavors are at the perfect balance, we open the barrels and bottle the bourbon for you.

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