Maybe we should have bottled this sooner.

Maybe we should have bottled this sooner.

“Simply the best Maker’s Mark ever.” ✭✭✭✭✭/Highest Recommendation F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, December 2014

“Everything that makes Maker’s Mark so enjoyable is right there in the entry, with a foundation of sweet caramel that supports bright cinnamon and oak spice. Even though it’s cask strength, the alcohol never loses its supporting role, and although there’s some heat here, it doesn’t eclipse the flavors.

A world with a cask strength edition of Maker’s Mark is a world we want to live in, and so we’re happy that the company has made the move to pull some whiskey from their stocks for this release.”

- Geoffrey Kleinman, DrinkSpirits.com

“[Maker’s Mark Cask Strength] goes down incredibly smooth for being 113.2 proof, much milder than the nose indicated. Mild and pleasant burn with a combination of rye spiciness and cinnamon being the last thing on the palate.”

- cultureglaze.com

“The finish is possibly the best part: Lots more warm cinnamon, with no bitterness or overwhelming heat. Just lingering pepper and spice.”

- Washington Post

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