Maker's Mark

Chef Lee Anne Wong

Having worked as a professional in the culinary field for more than a decade, I feel very fortunate to be cooking in what I would describe as "The Golden Age of Food and Drink." There is seemingly no limit to the creativity coming from bartenders, restaurant chefs and even the home cook. My goal in compiling this recipe collection for Maker's Mark was to show the versatility of their handcrafted whisky behind the bar and inspire people to incorporate bourbon into food in ways they may have never thought to. From soups and appetizers to entrees and desserts, I've included it all.

I would like to personally thank all of the chefs, mixologists and industry professionals who have contributed to this compendium of recipes. I had approached both friends and colleagues who are not only trendsetters and experts, but also true lovers of bourbon to contribute, and the response I received was tremendous. These recipes showcase the genius and passion of each of our contributors and the smooth flavors of Maker's Mark® and Maker's 46®. I hope that these recipes become a part of your life and will be savored at the dinner table for many years to come.

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