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Make it a Maker's Mark® Holiday:

Our Best Bourbon Gifts

Here at Maker’s Mark®, we believe in the personal touch of custom and unique gifts. We also believe that you deserve to treat yourself to exceptional bourbon for all the work that goes into prepping for the holiday season. So whether you’re looking for the best gift for whisky lovers, topping up your home bar with the best whisky for the holidays, or want to give unique gifts that show how much you care, we’re sharing with you our top picks to make it a warm and cozy Maker’s Mark® holiday.

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Maker’s Mark® 101 is the Best Bourbon for the Holiday Season

Each bottle of Maker’s Mark® 101 is infused with the Samuels family tradition of hospitality and warmth. When friends and family came to visit, a bottle of Maker’s Mark® 101 was shared, and memories were made. This indulgent and special bourbon is just the right whisky for the holidays. 


Treat the whisky lover in your life to this unique bourbon gift…or top up your own at-home bar and start your own tradition.

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Give a Personalized Whisky Label

Nothing says you care like a personalized holiday gift, and a custom whisky label turns a regular bottle of bourbon into a cherished keepsake. This is a fantastic hosting gift as you make the rounds to holiday gatherings, and we happen to think that a personalized whisky bottle would look just right as a feature of your home bar. Design your custom whisky label now to be sure that it’s ready for the holidays.

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Visit the Maker’s Mark® Distillery

Experiences make for truly thoughtful holiday gifts. When you give the gift of tours and experiences at the Maker’s Mark® distillery, you’ll play a part in the making of memories…and you might even get asked to tag along, and that’s a win/win if you ask us. On a Maker’s Mark® Tour, your loved ones will learn the history of our bourbon, sample our whisky, and explore the art and nature of the Maker’s Mark® campus. Book a spot for two now as a gift for a whisky lover in your life, and then get to winning an invite for yourself.

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Personalized Whisky Gifts All Around

Always be the one who comes to mind when your friends sip at home. We have a lot of options for a personalized Maker’s Mark® gift. From custom whisky glasses to a personalized flask, you can get the best gifts for bourbon lovers at our Maker’s Mark® merch shop. We won’t tell if you a slip your own name on to a couple of items.

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Serve Bourbon for the Holidays

We know it’s a busy time of the year, but it’s all worth it when we can gather with those we love and share great holiday cocktails (have you tried our Kentucky Bubbly yet?). Here at Maker’s Mark®, we just so happen to believe that bourbon makes one of the best holiday gifts…and we also believe that it’s the best drink to sip while you’re shopping for the holidays. Cheers!

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