About the Kentucky Bubbly

The Kentucky Bubbly is ideal for entertaining because it is almost as easy to make as it is to drink. Simply add Maker’s® to a champagne flute or coupe glass, top with sparkling cider and garnish. Then get back to mixing.

Preparation Time
2 min

Flavor Profile


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A white wine glass with a Kentucky Bubbly cocktail and garnished with a cherry is next to a handle of Maker's Mark and behind is a bottle of sparkling cider.
  • Step 1
    Mix the ingredients

    Add Maker’s Mark® to a champagne flute and then fill with chilled sparkling apple cider.

  • Step 2
    Add a maraschino cherry.
A bottle of Maker's Mark bourbon whisky behind a tall glass with a Bourbon Bloody Mary over ice and a pickle, celery, and lime garnish. A small bowl of lime slices is to the left.

Kentucky Bubbly

Red icon on a cream-colored background, representing a set of three ice cubes.

Hurry up & chill

Want to quickly chill your glass? Fill it with ice and water and put it in the freezer. By the time you’ve gathered your ingredients the glass will be chilled.
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Dress it up

Experiment with ingredients to bring out character and depth, like a dash of bitters, splash of a premium liqueur or a citrus garnish.
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An a-peeling hack

When making citrus twists, a potato peeler will work in place of the handy-dandy channeling knives the pros use.
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The fizz is in

When using carbonated beverages in cocktails, don’t over stir your drink. Less stirring will make for more fizz.

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