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Spirited Women

Letting the women in your life know how much they mean to you doesn’t always take a grand gesture. It could be as simple as a thanks or as thoughtful as a gift. To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re doing both by donating to Vital Voices and offering you the chance to share a limited-edition, personalized label with that spirited woman you know.

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Gayle Kabaker

Gayle Kabaker is a talented American artist known for her distinctive illustrations and portraits. Specializing in acryla gouache, Kabaker’s work often captures the essence of her subjects with a focus on emotions and personality. Her art has been featured in prominent publications such as The New Yorker and is recognized for its elegant simplicity and visual storytelling.

Vital Voices

Vital Voices is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering and amplifying the voices of women leaders around the world. Through various programs and initiatives, it works to support women in their efforts to advance social, economic and political change – providing training, mentorship and resources.

Women’s History Month Label  

Show a spirited woman in your life just how much they mean to you.

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