Aged to taste, not time 

Maker's Mark® Cellar Aged

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A blend of 11- and 12-year-old

Maker's Mark®  

Aging our whisky for over 10 years wasn't something we ever did. Not because we didn't believe in it but because we hadn't found our way of doing it. Maker’s Mark® Cellar Aged defines an older whisky that’s distinctly Maker’s. By embracing both the unique impact that our warehouse and cellar maturation have on flavor, we've created an older expression that is richer and more complex whilst staying true to the founder's taste vision of bourbon without the bite. 

cellar aged marquee
cellar aged marquee
cellar aged marquee
cellar aged marquee
cellar aged marquee
A photo of the Maker's Mark Cellar Aged bourbon whisky bottle.



Maker's Mark® Cellar Aged?

  1. Our long-awaited and first ever, older expression. 

  2. The 2023 Cellar Aged release blends 11- and 12-year-old bourbons bottled at cask strength, but it’s about much more than the age statement on the bottle. It's about what's inside.

  3. It starts off as every bottle of Maker's Mark® does in our traditional warehouse before spending years in our LEED-certified, temperature controlled limestone cellar for a further aging. This is where Cellar Aged develops a deeper, richer, and even more complex flavor.

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