Maker's Mark® Bourbon straight from the barrel 

Maker's Mark®  
Cask Strength

An illustration of elements used during the distilling process in red. There cinnamon sticks, and a vanilla flower, over a sliced wooden piece.

A Richer

Bottled at barrel proof, Maker's Mark® Cask Strength ranges from 108 to 114 proof depending on the barrels. Surprisingly smooth, this bourbon retains the signature, front-of-the-palate flavors of Maker's Mark® while amping up the vanilla and rich oak notes. 

A photo of the Maker's Mark Cask Strength bourbon whisky bottle.


Maker’s Mark® Cask Strength

  1. If you can imagine the caramel, vanilla and fruity notes of Maker's Mark® turned all the way up, you'd have a pretty good idea of what Maker's Mark® Cask Strength is like. Of course, the best way to get to know it is to sample some for yourself. While the higher proof delivers a bold bourbon presence in cocktails, we recommend drinking this surprisingly smooth barrel-proof whisky neat, on the rocks or with a splash.

  2. It's Maker's Mark® Uncut at its Natural Proof Level.

  3. This is Maker’s Mark® with nothing added to get in its way. Certainly not a beginner’s bourbon, Maker’s Mark® Cask Strength is for the enthusiast who’s after bolder flavors and higher proofs. After being screen filtered to remove wood pieces and char, Maker’s Mark® Cask Strength goes straight to the bottle at a range of 108 to 114 proof. This wouldn’t work with just any whisky. Maker’s Mark® Cask Strength is well crafted with carefully selected ingredients and aged until it’s just right.

  4. Through the decades, fans of single barrel and barrel-proof bourbon have inquired about when Maker's Mark® would release one of its own. And, the philosophy at the distillery was always to remain true to Bill, Sr.'s taste vision. But, after releasing Maker's Mark 46® and actually tasting this stuff right out of the barrel, our thinking on a barrel-strength release evolved.

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