Membership Policy - The Whisky Drop

By joining The Whisky Drop by Maker’s Mark®, you certify and acknowledge that: 


• You are over the age of 21. 



• Any delivery address designated by you is located in a territory where direct shipments of distilled spirits from manufacturers are permitted and where alcoholic beverages, including distilled spirits, may be lawfully sold and received.

    o Address verification for program eligibility is subject to review by Whisky Drop team.



• You agree to receive shipments from The Whisky Drop by Maker’s Mark®

     o Only one subscription per person, per household is permitted. 



• Your method of payment will be charged the complete shipment cost when the shipment is processed. 

     o Total cost includes approximate retail value of the products, shipping, and applicable state/local taxes.

     o The Whisky Drop by Maker’s Mark® has a limited number of memberships. Once a membership is cancelled, you will be removed from that shipment and all future shipments. 

     o For any failed credit card payment, we will attempt to reprocess the card for a total of three times during one business week. After three failed re-attempts, you will forfeit the shipment and your membership will be cancelled. 



• The Whisky Drop by Maker’s Mark® products are for personal consumption only, are not for resale and will not be resold or introduced to commerce. 



• All items are final sales. Returns and refunds will not be accepted. If you have issues with The Whisky Drop by Maker’s Mark® please contact us



• Delivery of The Whisky Drop by Maker’s Mark® shipments will be executed via UPS. You, or another recipient at least 21 years of age, must be physically present to accept delivery. 

     o Verification of a valid ID and signature is required at the time of delivery 

     o Shipments will not be delivered or left at the delivery address unless you or another recipient at least 21 years of age is present to receive the products, provide a valid ID verifying you or the recipient is at least 21 years of age and sign a paper or electronic acknowledgement of receipt. 

     o Please check your inbox for email communications from UPS for tracking details on your shipment. 

     o UPS will attempt to deliver shipment three times. Failure to accept delivery will result in shipment’s return to Maker’s Mark® and may result in the forfeit of your order and membership cancellation. Your payment method will be credited the subscription price minus the cost of shipping within 30 days of the return’s processing by Maker’s Mark®.