History of

Maker's® & Ginger

The origins of this simple mix trace back to 1890 when a nonalcoholic drink called the Horse's Neck was made with ginger ale, ice and lemon peel. By 1910, bourbon was added to make a Stiff Horse's Neck – later abbreviated back to just Horse's Neck. We still like to simply call it like it is – a Maker's® & Ginger.

Preparation Time
2 min

Flavor Profile
Light and Bright


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A bottle of Maker's Mark sits behind a tall glass of a Maker's and Ginger cocktail, garnished with a lime.
  • Step 1
    Grab your glass
    Fill rocks glass with ice.
  • Step 2
    Add some fizz

    Add Maker's Mark® and top off with ginger ale to taste.

  • Step 3
    Garnish with a lime wedge.
A bottle of Maker's Mark bourbon whisky behind a tall glass with a Bourbon Bloody Mary over ice and a pickle, celery, and lime garnish. A small bowl of lime slices is to the left.

Maker's® & Ginger

Red icon on a cream-colored background, representing a Jug of syrup.

Punch it up

Ginger syrup is simple to make and can really punch up the spice. Just boil a 2:2:1 ratio of water to sugar to grated ginger. Let it cool for an hour, strain and add a splash to your finished cocktail.
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Batch it up

This drink is a crowd pleaser and tends to pair well with grilled food and appetizers. Consider increasing the ratio of all ingredients to make a pitcher next time you're entertaining.
Red icon on a cream-colored background, representing a slice of lemon.

Dress it up

Experiment with ingredients to bring out character and depth, like a dash of bitters, a seared citrus garnish or a half part of a premium ginger liqueur.

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Maker's Mark®

Sweet with balance of oak, vanilla and fruity essences 

A photo of the classic Maker's Mark bourbon whisky bottle.