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Kentucky Mule

The Kentucky Mule is a pairing as easy to drink as it is to make. The spice of ginger beer compliments the caramel notes of Maker’s Mark® to make a wholly American cocktail inspired by a vodka classic.


Preparation Time
3 min

Flavor Profile
Light and Bright


  • 1/2 part fresh lime juice
  • 4 muddled pieces of fresh fruit or a squeeze of puree*
  • 1 dash Angostura® Aromatic bitters
  • Cold ginger beer
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  • Step 1
    Muddle all fruit
    Muddle your fruit in a shaker.
  • Step 2
    Pour in all ingredients

    Add Maker's Mark®, lime and bitters.

  • Step 3
    Shake then strain
    Shake and strain into a glass with ice.
  • Step 4
    Give it some ginger
    Top with ginger beer.
  • Step 5
    Finish with a fruit garnish
    Garnish with fruit of your choice.
A bottle of Maker's Mark bourbon whisky behind a tall glass with a Bourbon Bloody Mary over ice and a pickle, celery, and lime garnish. A small bowl of lime slices is to the left.

Kentucky Mule

Red icon on a cream-colored background, representing a Julep glass.

Cool in copper

Like Juleps and other cocktails, the vessel a Mule is served in can enhance the experience. Copper mule cups get extra cold with ice, and the handle helps keep them that way.
Red icon on a cream-colored background, representing a Jug of syrup.

Sugar & spice

Ginger syrup is simple to make and adds some nice spice. Boil a 2:2:1 ratio of water to sugar to grated ginger. Let it cool for an hour, strain, and stir in a splash into the finished cocktail.
Red icon on a cream-colored background, representing a slice of lemon.

Sear-iously good

Searing wheels of lime, lemon or orange creates exceptional garnishes that add both aesthetic appeal and caramelized aromas to your drink.

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