Our Wood Finishing Series.

It began with the creation of Maker's Mark 46 almost ten years ago. Now with the addition of Maker's Mark Private Select® and the Maker's Mark® Wood Finishing Series 2019 Limited Release, the Maker's Mark® Wood Finishing Series offers true bourbon lovers a chance to experience unique and flavorful variations of our original bourbon.

Call us Wood PioneersWe've always loved a challenge.

The Wood Finishing Series embodies our pioneering spirit and our obsession with taste. In our experimentation with the Independent Stave Company, we were able to highlight certain flavor characteristics from original Maker's Mark® and create unique expressions – each with its own taste profile.

Wood makes the differenceIt starts at the finish.

Inspired by the creation of Maker's Mark 46, the Wood Finishing Series process begins with 10 wood staves of varying types and combinations being affixed inside a barrel of fully matured Maker's Mark® at cask strength. The barrel is then stored in our limestone cellar for additional aging as the variations in wood enhance distinct flavors in each expression.

Making Maker’s Mark 46

Born to be boldMaker’s Mark 46

Bill Samuels, Jr., wanted a bourbon that amplified the flavors he loved in Maker's Mark. So, he created it – with the first-ever bourbon in our Wood Finishing Series, Maker's Mark 46. Finished with seared French oak staves and aged longer, Maker's Mark 46 features a distinctly bolder, more complex flavor without the harsh bite of typically longer-aged bourbon.

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So many possibilitiesMaker's Mark Private Select®

Like all bourbons in our Wood Finishing Series, the flavor of Maker’s Mark Private Select® is determined by the custom wood staves added during the finishing process. For Private Select, however, those finishing staves are chosen by participants in our Private Select Barrel Program to specifically create a distinct flavor profile – with each unique expression offering its own customized finish and flavor.

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Our newest releaseMaker’s Mark® 2019 Limited Release

Developed in partnership with Independent Stave Company, the Maker's Mark® Wood Finishing Series 2019 Limited Release was crafted over the course of more than two years to draw out the fruit notes of Maker's Mark® without compromising its natural balance of baking spice and sweetness.

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